Father’s Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend celebrating Father’s day!

This weekend was a good one.  On friday we went to Brooklyn Tabernacle and heard Francis Chan share a powerful word!  Then on Saturday we went to Long Branch and spent a fun day at the beach just with our little one.  She had a blast.  She was playing with these twin boys next to us and was having so much fun she even gave a little kiss to one of the boys right on the lips.  Roman and I just looked at each other and laughed.  She loves giving kisses.  Here’s a lil video of our day!

On Sunday we went to the hospital to visit our dear friend Diane and it was so sad. I’ve posted about her several times because she was always such a fighter when it came to her health.   She is a breast cancer survivor and is now struggling with liver cancer.  I’ve known this dear old woman since moving to Jersey and it just broke my heart to see the state she was in.  After church we gathered a few people together and went and sang all her favorite hymns and prayed for her.  I stepped out for a second to go check on baby girl in the lobby where Gina was babysitting her.  I saw two nurses just singing with their eyes closed the songs coming out of Diane’s hospital room and it was so heart warming.  There are so many fellow believers unified in spirit even if we don’t always see them.

Happy Father’s Day again to the dad’s in my life and to my husband who celebrated his first father’s day! We couldn’t love you more!




2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Weekend

  1. Oh my love love love the video!!! Fiona is so adorable and growing up so fast! (Cute bathing suit:) ) miss u guys a lot!
    And Nat u are one gorgeous mama :)))

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