School’s Out!

The school that I work at is out for the summer! I think I was as excited as the kids! This past month my belly has been really growing, and the questions/comments from the students have been endless. Here are some of my favorites.

Student:”Mrs. Olviya, what are you going to name your baby?”

Me: “Anatoly”

Student (dissapointed): “Oh…I don’t think he’s going to like that name”

Student: “Mrs. Olviya, your perfume smells like my grandma’s house”…ouch. ***Mrs. Olviya has since discontinued using said perfume.:) least to work.

Student: “Mrs. Olviya, WHAT did you eat today?!?” -referring to my expanding waistline.

Me: “What would you buy with a million dollars?

Student: “Everything in Target…from the dollar bins…I could get a million things!”

Me: “Well no, you would have to pay tax, so probably less than a million things”

Student: “What are taxes?”

Once taxes are explained…Oh- That’s not fair!

3.I realize that some of these comments sound harsh, but I really thought that they were funny. Even though kids can be brutally honest, they can also be ever so kind. A few weeks ago, my 5th graders threw me a surprise baby shower. I just about cried! They decorated, and had treats and gifts for baby Toly. A student played two lovely (Jesse Cook style) songs on his guitar for me. We played a game, and then finished off the evening school day with some Magic School Bus <–Best show ever!IMG_8023 IMG_8026

2 thoughts on “School’s Out!

  1. Awe so sweet of the kiddos! And I love the hilarious comments ;)) Enjoy your vacay! So excited for your upcoming babymoon!

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