Gardening love

Hey gals! I’ve been taking a hideout in our backyard due to my green thumb this month so I thought I would write about it.
IMG_5643We had a very very late start to spring this year.  I just remember late April us still having snow on the ground on random days. I guess that is why I have been just loving this month!  May was the “actual” first month of spring for us! This spring was extra special because we got to plant our first garden. I was recently telling my husband how now I see God’s beauty all around me and previously I had never appreciated it this much.   Gardening is somewhat intimidating but I decided to still to a whack at it.  ;)
IMG_6434Being a stay at home mom for the most part I lose track of days. On more than one occasion I would just sit and dream about sun and warmer days.  The mundane-ness of staying indoors has come to an end.  I think the highlights of our days is when baby girl and I see the sunshine, I put on my gloves and plop her in her pack n play and we enjoy the outdoors together.. That is until she starts giving me the heads up that its time to go indoors. I love peeping in on her to see that beautiful little smile of hers.
IMG_6445While I was in the yard taking care of some more weeds my neighbor came over and helped me tell the difference between which were the good plants and which needed to be pulled.  She lived next door for over 40 years and has a beautiful garden…. I ended up having to do an intense amount of weeding.  So many wild bushes and plants.   It made do some reflecting on my spiritual life.  The more we let things that hinder us from coming to God just sit and grow roots the harder it is to rip it out of our lives.  Just like pulling weeds out of the ground.  It’s not fun and takes up way more time if we wait.

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 1.28.13 PM

The lilacs bloomed all over our backyard.  The smell of the lilacs wafting through the open kitchen door was glorious!  A similar lesson was learned through pruning these beauties… There is one lilac bush that I pruned and it bloomed so beautifully and the other one I never got around to pruning and I thought it might still spring up with a couple blooms but it remained flowerless and never quite bloomed.  Jesus spoke in so many different parables when he talked about walking life connected to Him.  Connected to the vine.  Our source of nutrients and living water.  When God prunes us  it is only to prepare us, to shape us, and to ready our hearts for more.

IMG_6534I was so excited when the roses bloomed.  It was just two days ago and I love smelling them when I walk out through the back.

Now I’m just waiting for these weak climbing roses to present themselves.  They were barely alive when I saw them when we first moved in.  The branches looked like they were dead but watching these come around has probably been my favorite.  I still have to get some of these branches pinned to the trellis because they’re growing too upright. But hey at least they’re growing!
IMG_6531 Happy Gardening!! #Growinlove

One thought on “Gardening love

  1. Grandma and dad would be so proud! Come garden at my place;) Love all the growth going on!
    P.S. I can’t wait to squish baby girls chunky cheeks!!!❤

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