2nd Trimester

So week-by-week updates definitely fallen to the wayside, so Trimesters it is. :) IMG_0125 IMG_0129

How far along: 20 weeks. Halfway there!

Baby size: French macaron ice cream sandwich. Just kidding! (HE!) is the length of a banana.


Weight gain: Definitely going up! Again, I’m not sure about the numbers but man, I feel like I’ve popped! Andrey just keeps telling me that I am growing a big baby. A few times I’ve caught myself almost waddling! LOL! The next 20 weeks should be interesting.😉 Baby  Ivanov was measured to be about 11oz today, which is approximately the weight of chocolate chips I placed in my cookie dough a few week ago…How’s that for comparison?:)IMG_7818

Cravings: Food. All kinds. I feel like the baby is growing so much lately and needs extra nutrients, so I am snackin’ away.

Aversions: All gone.:)

Exercise: Walking a few times a week.

Sleep: I’m not longer falling asleep by 9 o’clock, which is nice. However, I’m still trying to squeeze in naps a few times a week.

Looking forward to: What the next 20 weeks will bring. Decorating our nursery. Getting ready for Mr. Ivanov’s arrival. It’s SO sooooon!…and I haven’t done anything yet! Gotta pick up my game!


look at that joy! #genderrevealcupcake

Favorite moments: Finding out that we are having a BOY a few weeks ago! Andrey was THRILLED! Also, my mom has been buying me a bunch of cute/comfy maternity clothes. She has the best taste! AND, I got a bunch of goodies from my sister Nat, and brother Alex!❤IMG_7984


don’t worry, I didn’t buy the dress…I am aware that it was a bit too snug.😉

2 thoughts on “2nd Trimester

  1. so so cute!! Cannot believe baby boy is almost here!! so so excited!! p.s. if you need help with the nursery i’m there!

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