Thursday Things: Summer Edition

You guys, how is it August already!?! I went into Bath & Body Works the other day and they had their Fall candles out! My heart did a little flutter, and I got super excited for my favorite upcoming season. However, I’m going to try to enjoy these last few weeks of Summer as I’m sure I will miss them when they’re gone.drink collage 2

Lately I’ve been drinking like it’s my job. Water, juice, iced green tea, St. Pellegrino+ juice +mint +lemon, blueberry mojitos (virgin), iced coffee, you name it! I almost always have like three cups of beverages scattered throughout my house. Awesome polka dot straws are from World Market.

I’ve enjoyed a few nice walks/runs outside as the weather has been pretty awesome lately! I’ll take 80′ over 90′ anyday. Recently I’ve stumbled upon some really cool songs/artists to push me through my workouts. Pandora is awesome…their commercials= not so much! I’ve been loving these following stations/artists: Jekob (<–cool spelling huh!?), The Capital Kings, BenJah, Word Anthem, Britt Nicole, Tim Bowman Jr. I always screen shot songs that I like and then go back and buy it on iTunes or add a station on Pandora.

Speaking of running…yesterday I went on a run while leaving a batch of brownies in the oven. I set a timer on my phone and sprinted away. Well I actually ended up going farther than I had thought and I really had to pick up the pace on my way back to ensure that my brownies didn’t burn. How’s that for motivation?! LOL

So I started this post thinking I’d have a few things to write about/photos to share…and then I uploaded my IPhone photos and decided that collages were in order!I realized 2 things while looking over my photos. I love food, and I’ve been baking up a storm this summer!:)

Mini cupcakes (from Small Cakes), homemade salsa, baked sweet potato fries with Vanilla Coke at a BBQ, Vanilla beans<3, Asian Quinoa Salad, Toasted Coconut Almonds=my favorite new snack, homemade croissants (not worth it, lol! Next time a craving strikes, I’m going to Paris…or LaBou. Whichever seems more doable at the given moment:), Kooha cake and coffee alfresco, Chobani coconut greek yogurt=dessert in my book!collage 3

collage #2

Coffee date with the man at Temple, Homegrown (by in-laws) figs, Glori & I with matching bangs, my favorite new donut (salted caramel pretzel), Natasha’sKitchen Peach Galette (I think I’ve made this like 8 times in the past 3 weeks!) SO GOOD, Quinoa sliders, taco night @the Ivanov household, Ulyana’s Wedding!, and canning tomatoes at my grandma’s house.


Hold on to these last few weeks folks! They’ll be gone quick!:)


One thought on “Thursday Things: Summer Edition

  1. Great post! Yes this summer has gone by so fast indeed! I need to buy that vanilla bean paste!! All your baked goods look delicious! I reckon one day you just might open up a bakery😉

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