You’re Pretty/Chocolate Muffins/ City

My Saturday: We had a bit of sunshine in the morning and I was oh so excited since hearing that Cali also has been ever so lovely the past couple days.  I got to sport my new flats on my morning errands. Recently I’ve been craving muffins. The husband & I were at Sams Club and I spotted their huge muffins but you’re required to buy 2 packs and there was no way we were going to finish those huge packs so I was on a quest to make my own batch once Saturday morning rolled by.  While at the grocery store a mother and her two little toddler boys were next to me in the diary aisle.  One of the boys shouted “Mom, she’s pretty” with the most jolliness and cheer I’ve heard in a long time.   I pretended not to hear but couldn’t resist saying something once I saw a huge little grin on those kids faces when I turned to catch a glimpse of them.  “What cute little boys you have!” I said The mom and I exchanged smiles and went our ways…  That my friends made my day! I ran out of the house with my hair up and not done but just the mere simplicity and the expression of this little boy made me realize that yes we are all pretty and it feels good to be reminded:) So just wanted to let you know: MY Oh MY! YOU ARE PRETTY!😀

So I came hope popped the muffins in the oven and in less than 30 minutes I had a lovely batch of freshness, moist, muffins.  I somewhat followed Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe found here.

Mmmhh smelled so good!

Mmmhh smelled so good!


*I added walnuts & pecans to half of them!

In the evening Roman & I headed to the city to meet up with our good friends Julia & Nick Duka. They have a nine-month old precious little baby girl and it was nice catching up and having some baby talk:) I had a horrible toothache and was advised to put garlic on it and it would help.  Garlic helped a bunch. I smelt garlicy the whole night #notmyhusbandsfavoritescent however at least the pain had subsided.  We enjoyed catching up with them and ended the night in prayer for our families.  How important it is to pray with other families around us! It was such a beautiful day and I just wanted to thank God for his goodness!

Beautiful Julia & in the city

Beautiful Julia & in the city * notice how I brought my muffins along: )

The man & I

The man & I * not sure if you could tell from the background but it was snowing in NYC!

3 thoughts on “You’re Pretty/Chocolate Muffins/ City

  1. Your hair looks good! Must be those baby hormones causing you to glow all over! I love sweet comments from children -they are simply the best at saying what is on their minds.

    mmm your muffins look so good and chocolatey.I like how you added the nuts for some extra substance:).Did you change anything else to the recipe?

  2. Aw Olive you always make me feel like a million bucks! lol Thanks! Yes I didn’t change anything else just added nuts. It only takes 20 minutes to bake…. so such a quick recipe for last minute dessert or breakfast! Yana, my twin you are JUST AS PRETTY! (we share the same genes)😉

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