Weekend Things

Hey guys,

Happy 3 day weekend to ya! Man, I love having an extra day. Weekends should always be 3 days long dont’cha think?😉

Well my weekend flew by, but not before I was able to enjoy some good food, and quality time with family and friends. But before I get into this weekend’s shenanigans, I wanted to include my most embarrassing moment of 2013 (so far…because we all know that there is more where it came from!!:)).

So last Saturday I went to a baby shower, and made some cake pops for the guests to enjoy. Well I walked into the wrong house, cake pops and bags in hand. I guess some other (Russian!) girl was celebrating her birthday in the same neighborhood, at the same time…and to make the story EVEN better, I think it the birthday was a surprise, because EVERYONE was looking at me when I rang the doorbell. I am grateful that I can laugh at myself in moments like these!


Moving forward to this Friday night, Andrey’s sister Tanya came over to spend the night. He promised her a while back, and we all know how them kiddos remember promises?😉

On Saturday morning we had a leisurely breakfast, and then went biking with Tanya. This girl is fearless on the bike!


i melt…

We also visited the horses down the street. <–The highlight for any kids that come over to our place!:)


I also stopped by Nordstrom Rack this weekend to buy some black pumps that I was desperately in need of. I only had a pair of black sandals, and I realized that (since it’s winter time and all), I should probably start dressing the part. <– Don’t know what took me so long! lol

I guess (based on what 2 NR employees told me) that Cole Haan is an awesome designer. They are leather (a must for a my achy feet that are tired of sky high heels) <– getting old much?😉 and the best part is that I scored these gems for 75% off. I can honestly say that I am finally starting to a)buy quality, b)only buy what I need. For the most part anyway. Looks like my letter to self, served a purpose.😉


I did a Sunday school lesson today about how Jesus calmed the storm. Man I love those kids! I think they teach me more than I teach them! I love their openness, and child-like faith.


After church, la familia came over for lunch. I love spending Sundays with the family. I made rice krispy treats using the original Kellogg recipe , and then I discovered the brown butter recipe Averie made.. mmmm Next time!


And to finish off this post, I’ll share a random, yet adorable card I stumbled upon at Target. Isn’t it cute!?

Kuddos to all the mommas out there! You guys are amazing. Keep up the great work!


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!


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