24 Days of Serving

Happy Friday guys! Today I wanted to share an idea that I had come up with based on Tina’s 24 days of togetherness bucket list that she and her husband are doing. I decided to do something similar…Serving Sisters Style!

So here’s my plan. I wrote out 20 ways I hope to serve my community starting Dec 1st-24th. I need 4 more ways to serve. Please comment below and share your ideas! I put my ideas into a small box, and everyday I will draw out a piece of paper and do what it says.

Here are a few way to serve ideas I used:


-Pay it forward at a coffee shop

-Call up a friend to go out for coffee, and listen 2x the amount you speak

-Bake some goodies, and deliver them to someone who may need a little sugar pick-me-up:)

-Encourage someone 

-Invite someone over (that you wouldn’t typically), to share a holiday meal

-Donate clothes to a local shelter

-Pray for the orphans/widows in the community

-Visit an elderly person

-Buy a homeless person lunch,and talk to them (if they don’t feel like talking, then just pray for them on your way home)

-Pray for the first person who comes to mind

-Write a thoughtful note/letter to someone

I would LOVE for you to share your ideas, and to join in on the fun! It’s so easy to get so caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle, and forget that God desires us to serve those in our communities.


serving others


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