lovely day

Hello 70 degree weather! It was a beautiful weekend, filled with sunshine + friends, + some awesome food!  I totally appreciate warmth so much more after such a brutal and cold winter.  My friend and soul sister Kristina was in NYC visiting and took the bus to NJ for the night.  We had some dinner with everyone after church then took a nice walk to our ice cream shop! We stayed up catching up late into the evening after the babe and husband fell asleep.

^^^^This girl is just filled with awesomeness.  So glad we got to enjoy her company.  The next morning we had some extra time to spare before dropping her off at the airport so we explored the hipster streets of Williamsburg.


^^^^The husband found the most amazing roaster called Toby’s Estate and it was so cool. They even had their own espresso lab. Talk about coffee snobs.;)



^^^^We went to this quaint cafe called Fabiane’s and I had the most amazing salmon filled salad with capers, pickles, onions, and balsamic dressing! It was so perfect and exactly what I was craving! Most assuredly going back to that place!

teetherbaby^^^^Baby girl exploring in daddy’s arms. We went to Harry’s Burrito’s near Columbus circle for some Mexican way later on and it was so delicious.  I ordered the Shrimp Chimichunga and it was phenomenal.   It was an excellent day!  Good food + good company = recipe to the best kind of day!
^^^^Later on Roman and I walked through Central park and did some summer baby shopping for our princess after dropping off Kristina at the airport. This is how excited she was to get a pair of new shoes. “Mama’s girl” ;)  We hurried back home because I had a night class and lo’ and behold I get to class on time and it is cancelled.

Today it is lightly sprinkling outside and I’m really expectant and excited for my brother’s visit tomorrow.  He is coming to visit for the next 10 days.  Bought some bacon for the guy, geesh I’ve missed him and excited to catch up with my little brother!

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One thought on “lovely day

  1. 1. You and Kristina are beautiful!
    2. I love the shelves at Toby’s Estate #coffeesnobsforlife
    3. The salmon salad looks/sounds SO wonderful!
    4. I cannot get enough of baby girl’s cuteness! Gah, those dimples/cheeks/chunky legs. <3 and she will definitly be a fashionista like her mama…or maybe she'll take after her cotton/comfort loving aunt?! ;)
    5. Have fun with Alex!

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