9 months




Standing all by her wobbly self. I can’t take it!


teether Fiona got her first two teeth this past week! She loves paper, green beens, and cucumbers.  I felt her bite me for the first time and low and behold a tooth was coming up.   Loving our new cozy place.   Babygirl and I take a little walk in our backyard everyday(minus rainy days)  and notice all the new roots, new greens and blooms opening up.  God is such a beautiful Creator.  One of the most beautiful seasons is that of growth whether it is spiritual or physical.  God allows us to see this everyday in the little things: the new daffodils popping up to tell of more sunny days to come and to the beautiful firsts of a child.  Life is just so beautiful!




Love, Natalie

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8 thoughts on “9 months

  1. Love the hardwood floors! Well have to visit so I can see it all! So excited for you guys and this new season of life. Baby girl is getting so big! And she is beautiful just like her mamma.

    • Thanks Erica, you know you are always welcome! Had some fun times last summer. Just got to finish up some rug shopping and then maybe our floors wouldn’t look so bare. LOL

    • I can’t believe she’s standing either. I miss the newborn cuteness but loving her little independent self coming out too:) Can’t wait for a play date again!

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