Tuesday Things: Sweet things edition

Woah, 3 posts in 1 week, who am I? ;)

I had a bunch of photos of sweet treats on my phone, so I decided to compile another themed Tuesday things. Here we go!

IMG_7760 IMG_7352 IMG_7372 IMG_7407 IMG_7722IMG_7745 IMG_5601 IMG_7741 IMG_7740

amanda's shower


a. French toast from Tower Cafe is SO delicous!

b. Pinkberry frozen yogurt after playing volleyball at the park all day nights are upon us. :) volleyball is optional, yogurt is not. :)

c. We tried a ‘cronut’ or a ‘doissant’ as it was called at Sweet Dozen donut shop near our house a few weeks ago. It was good, but I imagine the actual cronut to be even better. The texture of this one was a bit more donut-y than croissant-y.

d. I’m not allowed to buy any more candles until I use up some of the embarrassingly large collection I have <–self imposed rule…but I already know which candle I will buy once that glorious candle buying day comes. Tarjay, you are so good.

e. Gap kids shirt I spotted the other day. So cute!

f. Rasberry lemonade with cute straw. <3

g. Red velvet rosette cake and my MIL’s famous kooha (tvorog) cake from a few weeks ago.

h. and finally my two favorite sentences I read while grading some 2nd grade spelling tests on Friday.

“Some people liek to eat one cupcake, and some a lot of cupcakes.” & “I like to eat one cupcake a week”. You know what they say….”A cupcake a day…

i. More cake pops, and sweet treats at Amanda’s bridal shower a few weeks ago.

j. In other news, happy birthday to my brother Alex, my grandma, and my cousin Katie! I’m sure there will be cake/cupcakes involved. ;)

Hope your week is full of sweet things…candles count. :)


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