Wedding x2 weekend

It’s been quite the weekend. We went to a wedding on Friday night, and again on Saturday morning…busy, busy! Andrey worked until 5 on Friday so we missed Amanda’s & Nathan’s ceremony, but we made it on time for the reception. It was SO lovely. One of my favorite weddings. Super relaxed and full of Jesus. Amanda looked like a princess, and Nathan looked enamored by his gorgeous bride. <3 So happy for them.IMG_5647 IMG_5642 IMG_5638


Representing MGC :)

IMG_7763  IMG_7737I got this beautiful flower arrangement to take home for making some cake pops. I think I got the better end of the deal. ;)

Gosh, I love weddings so much! They always remind me of my wedding (almost) 4! years ago, and the wonderful journey it’s been…Also, in full transparency, I’m often reminded of how I can be a better wife. ;)

On Saturday, Andrey & I totally overslept and had like 30 minutes to get ready for his cousin’s wedding. ;/ I thought about wearing the same outfit, but threw another dress on. However, there was no time for crazy ironing so Andrey sported the same outfit…we’re simple people. :)


Beautiful Inna & her mama


Andrey & his handsome brothers.


Inna’s wedding was totally different from Amanda’s, but wonderful in its own ways. The decor was very bedazzled. Andrey reminded me of the time where I hot glued diamonds to my license plate rim a few years ago..#notmyproudestmoment. lol The Russian food was delicous..and kept coming. :) A bunch of Andrey’s relatives came from all over the states, and even Germany, so it was cool to see and talk to them. The German’s have the coolest accents…oh and they each have like 2 espresso machines in their homes…We need to visit. ;)

*Please excuse the blurry photos. Not sure what happened, but I really need to learn how to use my camera one of these days.

Congrats to the two beautiful couples! <3


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