Goodbye Winter!

hello springThe first day of spring was yesterday my friends!!! Hooray! Now if only it would actually feel spring-ish.  If there was any ounce of flower or greenery to be seen I would’ve taken a pic for you all to see but nada.  My mom just recently told me that the tulips are blooming in her yard.  oh California where the sunshine doth shine.  These flats will have to do for me! Aren’t they so cute and from none other than forever 21!  I saw this pic on @lovelyblondecloset and couldn’t resist sharing!  I am so ready to say adios to this weather!

photo 1

^^^^My dear old comrade Inna from Dallas, TX came to visit me in the beginning of the month. And well we just had a lot on our hearts and lots of good ole fellowship.  #talkedfordays

photo 2

^^^^ Some snaps that Inna captured of the scenery in Central Park.  It was brutally cold.


^^^ Went to a Jenny & Tyler concert with Roman’s sweet cousin Julie in PA.


^^^ Midterms are over and what other way to celebrate then to go shopping!  Baby Fiona is exploring everything these days! She has been crawling for days and loves all things made out of  Just recently she spilled ground coffee beans all over herself.  It was hilarious.  Her personality is coming out more so these days and it’s so amazing just watching her grow up! She will be 9 months in a couple weeks and I just can’t believe it’s flown so fast. Can’t wait for Fiona’s little cousin to be born ;)) So happy for my sister and Andrey!! Lovin her pregnancy posts!!


^^ Typical days have been either school night, church night, or busy moving and boxing up little things.  We’re renting a little quaint home in Milltown.  We’re finishing painting this week and should be all moved in by next weekend!  Never realized what an awesome workout painting was.  Who needs a gym membership?! lol But seriously can’t wait to go jogging outside, and enjoy barbecues and start gardening this spring!

^^^ I’ve had a couple skype and phone dates with my cali friends and so excited for all the next round of babies to come this year, my sister included! Ahhh so much happiness!  I can’t wait to see all my pregnant momma friends and congrats to you all! I miss you darlings!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 4.16.43 PM

^^^And lastly, I was inspired to be firmer in my ways with reading the word.  The Bible is so jam packed with goodness.  My friend Inna when she visited me in the beginning of the month was the one who planted in me a deeper desire to study more and not just read the word of God.  Something I used to do more of.   My sister told me about awhile back and I love checking in with some of their studies.  It is an awesome gathering of women that focuses on reading the word.  I love how they urge you to memorize scripture.  This was the scripture for last week!

And the Lord will guide you continually
and satisfy your desire in scorched places
and make your bones strong;
and you shall be like a watered garden,
like a spring of water,
whose waters do not fail.”
Isaiah 58:11, ESV

^^^ Two prayer requests: Please pray for Ukraine!!  I am scared to think of what might happen there.  Shout out to Iryna and Yulia in Kiev! Hope you guys are okay and miss you! Praying for you!!!  My other prayer request is for my grandmother Lesya. She is very sick so please lift her up in your prayers. Thank you!

All done with my sporadic and unflowy like blog post.  Hope you have a great weekend friends!!  :D

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Winter!

  1. thanks a lot, Natalie! we also miss you) we r ok. Now it’s safe to stay in Kiev, much dangerous place is our Crimea. Please, don’t stop praying for Ukraine. We’re really in bad position now.
    We pray for you and your family, aunt Lesya every day. Hope she will be fine.

  2. My thoughts when reading this:

    Those shoes look so uncomfortable, but pretty.
    You & Inna look lovely.
    Baby girl is so dang cute, and chubby! I love it!
    The feeling of midterms being over, or better yet finals…is just SO wonderful!

    I love you and cannot wait for Miss Fiona to have a baby cousin. ;)

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