Tis the Season

THIS PAST WEEK has been the most scenic and mouth droppingly beautiful week of living in New Jersey! The snow has swept me off my feet. Swoosh!  The past three winters we never saw this much snow.  My days haven’t been to active as of late and I am totally okay with that.  It’s supposed to snow again tonight! #letitcontinuetosnow

And now a not so light of a topic.  I’m apologizing ahead of time.  I don’t know what it is about shopping during December that makes my head spin!  That and I’m tired of hearing Happy Holidays everywhere I go! Merry Christmas to you too! What happened to using the word Christmas I feel like it’s a taboo or something to genuinely wish someone a Merry Christmas.  We were at a high school concert a couple days ago and not a word was sung about Christmas or the real reason for this season!  Instead they were singing how Santa this and santa that! Makes me miss the good old days when the world wasn’t so worried about offending so and so and walking on tippy toes.  #Jesus is the ONLY reason for this season! Let us rejoice in that! Anyone else feel me?

And to end off this random post:  A cool Christmas fact!  Many years ago… sometime in the 16th century, Martin Luther was walking around during the night and was fascinated by the twinkling stars against the branches of the trees in the cool crisp winter air. The Protestant Christian reformer then decided to bring this sight into his home; cut a tree, and was first in adding lighted candles to a tree!  Now I understand why I love looking at our sparkly and bright Christmas tree!

Hope you’re enjoying the stillness of this season!

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4 thoughts on “Tis the Season

  1. Beautiful picture! Thanks for the cool fact, I have been meaning to research the origin of Christmas Trees just for fun, but you did the work :) HAve a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy the snow! We are still waiting for ours!

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