Tuesday Things 12/10/2013

You guys, It is COLD out there…Yes, I’m stating the obvious but man! I don’t do cold. I’m such a wuss when it comes to cold temperatures. I was going through some random photos and decided to compile them all together into a Tuesday Things post so here we are!

1. Last Saturday the husband and I went out to brunch at the Tower Cafe. They have a beautiful garden/dining area and so Andrey made me bundle up so that we could sit outside. Thank goodness for heaters. :) The food was yummy! I ordered a salad because I’ve been lagging in the veggie department lately and their Brazilian Chipotle Chicken salad is fantastic…don’t worry though, I saved room for some of their famous french toast.tower cafe brunch

2. I received our first Christmas card in the mail today. ‘Tis the season! I lOVE Christmas cards (and getting things in the mail), and usually post them all over my fridge. We ordered ours last week, and I’m so excited for them to come. I got a groupon for Zazzle’s cards and saved a ton of $. ($40 for 110 cards?! Yes, please) <–Don’t be alarmed by that number, we’re not famous or anything…we just have HUGE families. :) I’ll show you the full card once I mail them out, but for now I’ll just share a part of it.:)laptop I’m loving the gold accents I’ve been seeing all over lately.

3.  Tonight I made dinner for the first time in a long time! Andrey is usually in school until really late and I don’t feel like whipping up an entire dinner for just myself so I usually throw a bunch of stuff in a skillet and call it good. :) I am really looking forward to this semester’s end on Monday!

4. Another thing I’m looking forward to is the Christmas special on Duck Dynasty airing tomorrow. I plan on buying it on Itunes. #savethedate :)

5. How are you guys doing on your Christmas shopping? I feel like I have a bunch of ideas for what to buy, I just need to execute. I’m a bit afraid to go into the stores, but I’m hoping to finish all my shopping by next week. #alongwiththerestofAmerica

6. The husband bought some Nike’s at the outlets a few weeks ago and he thought that there was something wrong with the laces so he had me take them back in hopes of getting matching laces. Turns out, that the laces were fine…one shoe just had them going through an extra set of holes so they were shorter. #embarrassing


Unfortunately I didn’t find anything I loved at Nike this time. :)

7. I recently found a hair/makeup blogger and she just came out with her own brand of makeup. It looks awesome. I wanted to order some, but she ran out of my shade. Check out her site, it’s super fun! (maskcara.com)

8.  We had an auction in our Sunday School class last week, and it was so much fun buying goodies for the kids. I was surprised to see how much the boys loved the B&BW candles. :) Yes, I know…we are terrible teachers for buying them Takis.


9. Speaking of Sunday school, I meant to share our ‘classroom rules’ print with you guys but totally forgot. I ordered it through Angela’s shop on Etsy. I just sent her the words and she sent me a jpg (ONLY $6) that I then printed at Costco (for a few bucks). I <3 it! We had the kids sign the mat as a way of agreeing to follow the contract.  Check out Angela’s shop for some awesome Christmas gifts. ;) classroom contract

10. I tried to get to 10, but alas I am all out of things to share, so 9 it is. :) Happy Tuesday everybody! <3


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