For the love of Cronuts

Hi Guys! So I thought I’d recap on our thanksgiving weekend with ya’ll!


This year was extra special because my look alike cousin Yana flew in from Georgia! Having Yana here got me saying southern things like ya’ll and wishing for grits for breakfast! <– I love grits! After picking her up from the airport we enjoyed some delicious lunch at our in-laws family.  Everything was so delicious and we were grateful for Valentina welcoming us in her home : )  For dinner we came home, turned on the tea kettle, burned some candles and caught up on our walks of life.

Last year we celebrated early with the church family on Thanksgiving Eve and this year we did an after thanksgiving day feast on Friday! I was grateful for Nikolina opening up her home and hosting with some delicious food and welcoming hospitality. Thank you Nikolina :) Here’s a little video of the weekend:)

On Saturday we went to the city and enjoyed waiting in line for a much wanted CRONUT. Mind you the whole time we were talking about how ridiculous it is that people wait in line for black friday deals and go crazy! And there we were in the wee hours of the morning waiting in line for this: #don’tjudge

A CRONUT is a mixture of donut/croissant. :) <— Ya I know! Sounds amazing.

Too bad we were shy of one person in line before they ran out of them for the day! :( It was sad, but Yana is an ever optimistic sport and just embraced the rest of the day no cronut needed.  Speaking of a grateful heart her’s is one of gold.  We had lunch in a quaint and delicious thai restaurant called PURE.  They had delicious duck soup! For dessert we headed over to Stumpton and enjoyed their zoloto rated coffee and our desserts.  Then we walked OFF some of those calories with a stroll in Central Park. I think that was the highlight of the trip.  We walked back silently hand in hand and I was overcome with gratefulness for the family I was raised in.  For my cousin Yana bringing a whiff of familiarity into my week. For the cashier who thought we were joking when we said we weren’t sisters.  For just being able to look into each others eyes and know what we were thinking.  Sometimes I feel like I miss those kind of moments.  They are of the kindred kind. I am grateful to each and every person in my life.  They have made me or influenced me to be who I am today. #gratefulheart.

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3 thoughts on “For the love of Cronuts

  1. Aww love it! Miss you two…well life is sure funny…caz I got to spend thanksgiving with Krasno’s. but this year felt so different caz none of you were there…just me, Alla and Erica :) although it was still great!

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