Destination Thanksgiving

Hi guys,

Are you all recovered from all the turkey eating you did last Thursday?? Not quite you say?…I’m with ya! :) This Thanksgiving was different from the rest, as we decided to enjoy the weekend in Lake Tahoe. We had a wonderful time eating, taking walks to help the food settle, taking naps to rest our legs from all that walking, and then eating again… I love it when things come full circle! :) We also played a bunch of board games (my favorite!), drank copious amounts of coffee, soaked our sore muscles (or lack of) at David Walley’s Hot Springs, and went ice skating at Northstar. I’m extremely thankful for my two wonderful familes, and for the fact that they get along. ;) My brother Alex also joined us this year, which was awesome because we hadn’t seen him for a while. It was a Thanksgiving to remember. :)

IMG_5202 IMG_5056 IMG_5083 IMG_5170 IMG_5172 IMG_5186 IMG_5028 IMG_5187 IMG_5041IMG_6834 IMG_6848 IMG_6850 IMG_6887 -Olviya

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5 thoughts on “Destination Thanksgiving

  1. I MISS you guys soooooooo! Your stunning pie turned out way better than mine. Nastoyashta hazayka! I am thankful for you! P.S. Mom & Dad look so cute in the hugging picture. <3

  2. Aww!! Love love love the pictures!! So beautiful! Christmas cards?? :D
    So excited that Alex went. Miss him!
    I’d say a perfect Thanksgiving ;D

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