0-3 months

Baby Fiona turned 4 months while we were in Boston.  She is growing right before our eyes.  As I put away her small clothes earlier this month I thought about all the beautiful moments we shared these past several months.  She currently loves playing in her little pink gym and chews on about everything! We just started the teething stage.  Last week as I talked to my little sister and brothers over the phone I almost teared up! Glorianna had a pizza party at school their class won the Thanksgiving food drive.  Nathan was going fishing & was so excited to tell me about it.  I miss them so much, and wish I could be a part of the everyday kind of life stuff. Nathan asked me if I posted any new pictures of his little niece on serving sisters.  I paused and remorsefully had to say no.   I promised that little squirt to send him another Fiona video.   So HI NATHAN! This is for you : )

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