Trader Joe’s Fall Edition

10 fall favorites

Today I went grocery shopping.  To none other than Trader Joe’s! Oh how I love that place! oh and did I mention Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I’m already on planning mode for the dinner!  I would love to hear about your fall favorites! What’s on your radar? Not to long ago west sister pitched in her TJ favorites post here. Here go some of my favorites as of late! Fall EDITION!


1. Fresh apples for all the season’s favorite!And at a great deal at that!

2.  Speculous Cookie Butter- I buy this per the husband’s request.  I am sad to say he is addicted.


3.  Lamb Tips! Ever since my dad came to visit this past summer he made me vouch that I would continue to eat meat and that this was the closest to his lamb back home and it sure is! It doesn’t have a strong lamby taste and isn’t too fatty either!  The guy that rang me up  today told me that was his favorite item in the whole store! Pure deliciousness! We buy like 3 packs at a time

4. Fresh Veggies. Romaine lettuce, Baby spinach, Hass Avacadoes, Organic Carrots & Mushrooms

5. Legendary Nut & Berry Mix! This is the perfect snack for a mommy! Great to have next to your bedside when breastfeeding or to take on a travel trip or to munch on at work! My old boss introduced this to me back in California.  He would eat it religiously. like everyday.

6.Baking Goods for all the fall and holiday baking. Baking powder that’s aluminium free : ) I love their Organic canned pumpkin. Great for dashing dish’s pumpkin cinnamon rolls.


7. Free Range Chicken Broth, Turkey Broth, and Squash and Red Pepper quick meal soups.  This is perfect for the cold weather ahead! My man loves soupchiks!

8. SPICES! 21 Seasoning & African Spice. 2 of my favorite seasonings at TJ’S.  We sprinkle it on almost everything.. veggies, soup, poultry. and a few other favorites.


9. Frozen fruit for Smoothies and some baking. But mainly for smoothies. mix with some OJ & greek yogurt & tada! #morningbooster

10. CHOCOLATE! I was never a big sweets type of girl until I tried this bar! It’s from Belgium and sure tastes like it. Great for gift giving for chocolate lovers!

I got some fall decorations for around the house as well ! From sugar pumpkins to mini pumpkins to fall foilage they definitely got you covered! The husband came home and we enjoyed some lamb to our heart’s content.

dinnerBon Appetite!


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8 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Fall Edition

  1. Trader Joe’s needs to pay you for this blog post! Such a shoutout to TJs! I love it though! Just went to TJs myself! Bought pizza dough! At $1.19 each, it’s a steal! Pizza night tomorrow in the works!

    • TJ’s is not big on publicity. You aren’t allowed to take pictures in the store. Who knew! lol Yum pizza sounds delicious. You are giving me dinner ideas yet again : )

  2. Aww how cute my hazeyechki :) I must admit TJs is a 5 minute walk from my office so I am now addicted to that store too (although Costco is my still #1 store lol)…I will seriously make 2-3 purchase a week and most of them never make it home just stay under my desk as I munch on things ;) BTW Natalie woudl you share your lamb receipi, I’ve always wanted to do it but never knew a good recepi.

    Thank you!

    • You are such a lucky butt! I have to drive 45 min to the closest TJ’s. That’s why I stock up when I go. I have to get a Costco membership. The Lamb tips are the easiest thing since sliced bread. It comes already marinated you just take a grilled pan, some olive oil and the directions are on the package. Ready in 20 minutes! Alex will love it ;)

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